sorting plants

Sorting plants for used clothes from Dabizzi Baling Systems are created to obtain the best of the production and flexibility with all kind products.

Thanks to their structure they can be used for productions focused on quantity and for productions focused on the final quality of the product.

Customizable under every aspect, they are the best solution for all companies that want to increase the efficiency of their collection line.

It’s design, completely customizable, is focussed on ergonomics: each operation is performed by hand, following precise simplified selection criteria to help you work large amounts of material in a very short time.

The logistics of the system allows to split the flow of the material in a pyramidal way.

Thanks to this features, each operator can focus its activities only on few items, bringing significant benefits:

  • very high final quality of the sorting;
  • ability to train or replace operators quickly;
  • Speed of selection of operators, due to the small number of articles to be processed;

The automated control of the quantity of products allows, through a management software to have at any time an over-view of the quantity/ quality of the processed material.

The special rotary tables give to the operators a good view on the material and carts (giving them the possibility to select also matching items, like jacket + pants) and can make even the bent material.