Our model D4 W is an external baler with vertical pressing piston, double sliding box and built-in scale suitable for the production of used clothing and wipers bales of 50 and 100 kgs. You load the material manually through the specific door: the box, at loading position, is on an electronic scale with digital monitor (optional) , that show the quantity of the loaded material to the operator. When the box is at the loading position , the loaded material is very confortable to manage, because it is at floor level.  As soon as the box is full with the material to be pressed, the operator can turn the boxes, through the specific bearing, taking the full box in the “pressing station” . As soon as the pressing operation ends, the hydraulic piston lift up the box , leaving the bales free for the strapping operations with steel or polyester straps. The wrapping and strapping operations are at eye level (1 mt from ground up). Thanks to the double box the pressing and strapping operations can take place at the same time, incresing in this way the production of the machine. You have the possibility to apply plastic bags or sheet on both pressing plates, in order to wrapp the bales completely.


Optional: palleting system, wrapping machine, labeller, scale, automatic disposer for stock pallet, pestle, tilter, loading conveyor belt, inox plates, galvanizing, wifi connection.


Application: used clothing, natural fibres, textile fibre, paper, waste material, wipers, metallic waste, plastic, foam.