Our production line of external balers starts with our model D20, a machine planned for a comfortable use and a special reliability: the design with a double horizontal piston allows to limit the general dimensions and to get perfect squared bales.

These features make model D20 one of the machine more required in all industrial sectors, from the used clothing to the natural fibres. You can check the weight of the material to be packed on the electronic scale with digital monitor; in this way you get always uniform bales with the same weight. You place manually the bag on the output of the bale, while the discharge of the pacakge is automatic.

D20 is a baler on wheels that simplify the movement and allow to move the pressing machine depending on the production need.

Our model D20 don’t require assembly on location.


Optional: palleting system, wrapping machine, labeller, scale, automatic disposer for stock pallet,  condenser,  loading conveyor belt, strapping machine,  inox plates, wifi connection.


Application: used clothing, natural fibres, textile fibre, paper, waste material, wipers, metallic waste, plastic, foam, feathers.