Our model DL-FT-W has been designed for all the companies that need the maximum level of productivity: thanks to the double sliding box and to the pre-pressing system, this machine guarantee an high production level. Thanks to the pre-pressing system you can load the material continually and, at the same time, carry out the pre-pressing, wrapping and strapping operations without stopping the production process.The hydraulic retaining blades  make the material very dense withot influencing the production or the machine’s dimensions.The double box allow to carry out the strapping-wrapping operation and the bale removal together with the loading process.


Optional: palleting system, wrapping machine, labeller, scale, automatic disposer for stock pallet, pestle, tilter, condenser, plaiter for fibers, loading conveyor belt, strapping machine, inox plates, automatic bales output, wifi connection.


Application:  natural fibres, textile fibre.