The DL-W-FT is an external rotary / translating double case baler, with vertical pressing piston. This model is the most productive of our line of machinery for packing large bales of used clothing: automated loading system, simultaneous loading and pressing, independent weight control for each feeding line, mutilation that can be disabled from the display, load side monitor and binding side for real-time control of production information, and many other optionals. The rotating box system allows for wrapping / binding and bale removal operations to be carried out simultaneously with loading operations. The vertically moving box also allows easy access to the bale under pressure.


Optional: palleting system, wrapping machine, labeller, scale, automatic disposer for stock pallet, pestle, tilter, condenser, plaiter for fibers, loading conveyor belt, strapping machine, inox plates, automatic bales output, wifi connection.


Application: used clothes, natural fibers, textile fibers, paper, waste material, wipers, metallic waste, plastic, foam, feathers.