Founded in 1949 by Silvano Dabizzi, DABIZZI BALING SYSTEMS has always dedicated itself to the study and building of machinery designed to solve the problems of storage and transport. Our firm works mainly in the textile sector, but thanks to the experience gained over the years, today it is able to provide excellent solutions for the problems of packing, waste fiber recovery, as well as the handling and transport of goods, which are common to many sector.

DABIZZI BALING SYSTEMS has grown, maintaining a high degree of flexibility, which allows it to satisfy the special needs of its customers, providing extremely reliable and productive “non-standard” plants and presses. Due to these characteristics, DABIZZI BALING SYSTEMS has attracted the attention of many textile manufactures , paper factories, etc…, in many countries all over the world. The pursuit of management economy forces industrial firms to adopt rational methods for the handling of goods in order to keep production costs and time down.

Our firm is able to make a valid contribution to the solution of your logistic problems with its wide range of presses for packing (textile products, waste, paper, wood working residues, waste fibers, light and heavy metals, natural and technical fibers, etc…) and plants for the handling of products, designed to meet the individual needs of each of our customers.

Our great experience in this sector makes us able to build presses with a pressure capacity ranging from 10 to 600 tons of pressure and a production speed which can reach 150 bales per hour. The reliability of our machinery and the maintenance that our technical support center is able to perform in the short term throughout the world guarantee the highest efficiency to our business customers.